About Vance Countryman

Vance CountrymanAn experienced legal professional in the State of Wyoming, Vance Countryman has litigated a number of significant cases over the past two decades. His practice offers representation for a wide range of cases involving criminal law, civil rights law, and personal injury law. His major cases have included a personal injury class action lawsuit involving six law firms and 180 plaintiffs. In recent years, Vance Countryman has gained particular experience in trucking cases, auto collision cases, and construction site injuries.

Vance Countryman holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics from Brigham Young University, and a juris doctor from the University of Wyoming College of Law. His legal training also includes graduating from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College. Beyond his career as an attorney, Vance Countryman has held leadership positions in the community, including mayor for the town of Hudson, Wyoming. Committed to supporting important community service projects, he recently sponsored fund raising events for the Fremont County Safe House for victims of domestic violence. He enjoys spending his free time playing sports with his children.


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